Friday, 25 September 2015

Dear Unknown Soldler

11 cowper street
Greymouth 7805
21 April 2015

Dear The Unknown Soldier
Thank you for your sacrifice your life so we can have a better life. We are truly sorry and we hope you had a good life. It is sad that you haven't got a name. We would like to know your name but we can’t. we will  always remember you every day.

From Jessica


Tuesday 2 June 2015

Haiku poem ai

      2       1        2
Building a snowman

      2              2         1   1    1
Building snowman in the ice Keep Calm And Love Frozen Olaf Watch frozen and love olaf

     2        1   1        1
freezing in The snow

My Dog Bella

My Dog Bella is funny and crazy. Bella is crazy because she tries to eat my feet. My other dog could Chino bits Bella when Chino dose that my dad Smakes Chino and puts him out side Then we give Bella a Big  hug then my dad lets Chino in side.

By Jessica 

Monday, 21 September 2015

make a meal for your family by jessica

        Make a meal for your family…with $20 or less

List the items you will include and the price for each


TOTAL=  $18.98

Top dog Pooch sheet

Dog's Name:rosie
About your Dog
Breed of Dogblack labrdoor
Lifespan in years13
Average Weight (kg)32kg
Costs for setting up
Vaccination and Microchip$200
Total to set up$371
Annual CostsCost/year
Flea and worm treatment100
Holiday Kennel Costscost/dayNumber of days
FoodunitQuantity/dayCost /KgCost/dayCost/year
Medium BiscuitBiscuits0
Large BiscuitBiscuits0
Champ 680g canamount of can0
Champ 1150g canamount of can0
Dog Rollgrams0
Total Cost per year968.5
Total Lifetime Cost

Thursday, 3 September 2015

What am I?

To Write and describe about the strawberry with out telling what it is here is my final product

My friend Jorja

My friend Jorja is nice and kearing and funny.

My friend Jorja is nice and Kearing and funny and likes
playing at the park with me

My friend jorja, she has brown hair, she has two brothers, she also has a playground a trampoline   

Dog at the beach

Dog at the beach

The dog ran down the beach chasing a ball .

The dog ran down the beach chasing a ball and the birds.

The dog, is black and white, it likes playing and chasing birds, he is also is very fast and fit.

Tuesday, 1 September 2015

What am i by Jessica

 What am i

It ames from the supermarket and you can grow them
It is Juicy  
It has green, red,yellow
It is small
It looks like a love heart
You can use them for milkshakes