Friday, 16 December 2016

End Of Term Refection

Thank your to everybody that has commented on my blog this year, they have been really good. Here is one of my favorite activities that I am proud of. One of the Christmas activities we got to choose was the Christmas Recipe. We were allowed to do it in pairs. I chose to do it with Katelynn. We chose to make Snowball Truffles. I found this Christmas Recipe activity a bit hard because you had to find a recipe that was easy to know. See you in 2017.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Bones Reflection T4W8

Kiwi kids news: I thought this week kiwi kids news quiz was really fun. And i also think kiwi kids news is a really good quiz.

Typing Test: this week i thought i was quicker than last week. I think this is an good idear to do typing test. 

Numeracy Reflection T4W8

Numeracy: This for Numeracy we got to do some more Christmas activity. We got to choose out of  4 activity to do. We got to do them in buddy's I was with Katelynn F. We did 2 activity's but we only finished 1 activity that activity was the Christmas Calcograms we had some equations to figure out. I found this activity a bit hard because you had to find out what the word said upside down on the calculator.

Literacy Refection T4W8

Literacy: This week for literacy we got to do  free choice writing. I chose to write about going to nelson every year because it is my favorite place to go. I Thought this was an good idea to do free choice writing thought literacy because  you get to write about anything you want. I found this easy because I knew what I was writing about.

Every year in January Me, Mum, Grandma,Granddad and sometimes My  Aunty Jenny, Uncle Graeme, Aimee and Bridie which is my family. We go to Nelson and stay at the tahuna motor camp area where there is a bouncy pillow down the hill and there is a mini golf track where you can play mini golf with your family. We go there every year as an holiday with aur family.

It is really fun when we go to nelson. When we go to nelson we always have to go shopping.Sometimes when it is a hot day we love to go to the beach in Kaiteriteri and also the beach near the bumper boats and the big blue slide. When we go to the beach mr whippey is also near the beach is nelson. There are heaps of things you can do like:  Going swimming, bumper boats, hydroslides  going shopping the big blue slides  and going the the beach to swim.

Wednesday, 30 November 2016

The cloud castle

Author/illustrator: Elisabetta Dami

Genre: Comedy  

Characters:  Thea, paulina, molet, nickey, pamela

The Thea Sisters have received an urgent message from their friend Will Mystery. The magical Land of Clouds is in danger. The mouselets must find out why the clouds are disappearing Once they enter the kingdom through Mount Everest, the mice meet fairies  elves, and unicorns on their way to the majestic Cloud Castle. But who can the Thea Sisters count on to help solve the mystery. It's an incredible journey to restore harmony to this enchanted land.
I would give this book a rating of stars: For everyone.

I recommend This book. For People that can read these books.

The midnight panda

Author/illustrator: holly Webb and sharon rentta

Genre: Comedy  

Characters:  The midnight panda, James 

James doesn’t like night-time. When the lights go out, strange shadows appear in his room, and who knows what’s under his bed! His big sister tells him they’re nothing to be scared of, but James is not so sure. But when one of the shadows turns into a big, friendly panda, James realizes that maybe the dark isn’t so bad after all.

would give this book a rating of stars: For everyone.

I recommend This book. For People that can read these books.

13 story treehouse

Author/illustrator: Andy Griffiths

Genre: Comedy  

Characters:  Terry, Andy

The 13 story treehouse is the most amazing treehouse. It has a bowling alley, a see through swimming pool, a tank full of man eating sharks. It also has a marshmallow machine that follows you around and shots marshmallow into your mouth whenever you’re hungry.

I would give this book a rating of stars: For everyone.

I recommend This book. For People that can read these books.

Friday, 25 November 2016

Petal Parade

Author/illustrator: Rose banks.

Genre: Comedy  

Characters: Jasmine, Ellie, Summer, Merry.

Jasmine Summer and Ellie are invited to the Petal Parade a gorgeous summer celebration of flowers and fun. But when Queen Malice curses the Secret Garden the only way to break her spell is to discover her deepest darkest secret

I would give this book a rating of stars: For everyone.

I recommend This book. For  People that can read these books.

Mouse overbord

Author/illustrator: Elisabetta Dami

Genre: Comedy  

Characters: Geronimo stilton, Thea  stilton, Trap stilton, Benjamin stilton.

My family and Geronimo Stilton  were invited to Lisbon  Portugal, to retrace the journey of the great explorer Vasco da Gama. He was the first European to reach India by sea and was apparently an ancestor of the Stiltons! But once we got on the boat, I learned that someone was trying to sabotage the voyage. Could I figure out who?

I would give this book a rating of stars: For everyone.

I recommend This book. For  People that can read these books.

Bonus Reflection

I think the  typing test is a good activity to learn and it also helps you type faster.

I think the kiwi kids news is a good activity to  because it helps you learn about new stuff.

Literacy Reflection T4W7

 Literacy: This week for Literacy we have been doing christmas activities. There were two activities that we got to chose from. One of the activities that we got to chose from was the Naughty or Nice list. For that activity we had to write 3 paragraphs on why you should be on the nice list. In that we had to have a conclusion and a introduction at the start. And the other activity was we had to re right the song 12 days of christmas. It had to write it christmasy. I found these activities a bit hard because you had to think of what you were going to write for the 12 days of christmas activity.


Numeracy Refection T4W7

Numeracy:This week for Numeracy we had to do christmas Activity. The Activity was christmas Jokes. We were aloud to do it in buddy I was with Lara. There were 7 jokes that we had to do but we only got to finish 4. I found these Activity hard because you had to work out the problems out. 

Wednesday, 23 November 2016

The hour of magic

Author/illustrator: Elisabetta Dami

Genre:  Comedy

Characters: Geronimo, Thea Blossom, grandfather william, aunty sweet fur.

Geronimo Stilton was amazed to find myself called back to the kingdom of fantasy of another adventure. Blossom queen  of the Fairies need my help time itself was under threat. Something evil was making the hands of the magical tick tock timepiece spin faster and faster.

Friday, 18 November 2016

Bonus Refection

I think the typing test is good because it helps you type quick and it also helps you use all of your fingers.

I think the kiwi kids news quiz is a good site to used because you can learn heaps of stuff that you might not know.

Literacy and Word Work Refection T4W6

Literacy: For the last 3 or 2 weeks  we have been learning to  infer. This week for two of our activities we had to do a slide base around inferring. Another activity was based on why is there 7 days in a week. On one of my activities we had to infer the pictures on the slide and my second one that we had to do was we had to answer this question why is there 7 days in a week. Here is my follow up that I have completed. I found  most of the activities hard and easy because the Explanation burger activity I didn't really understand it.

Word work: This week for Word work I did three times. For this activity I had to write my spelling words once and and then write it down in a crayon   and then  write it down in a pen. I found this activity easy because it was a simple activity.

Numeracy Refection T4W6

Numeracy: This week for Numeracy we were doing google maps. We had to chose Tsunamis, cyclones, floods, storms, hurricanes. I chose Tsunamis because they look really cool. We also had to be in a buddy, I was with Heidi. I found this a bit hard because you had to find Tsunamis from international places.

Thursday, 17 November 2016

billionaire boy

Author/illustrator: Tony Ross

Genre: Comedy  

Characters:  Joe Spud, raj,  bob, Mr Spud,

Meet Joe spud the richest 12 year old in the world joe has everything he could ever want his own formula one racing car a thousand pairs of trainers. Even an orang- utan for a butler!. Yes joe has everything he wants but there’s just one thing he really needs a friend

I would give this book a rating of  stars: For everyone.

I recommend this book People that can read these books.

The 65 story Treehouse

Author/illustrator: Andy Griffiths and Terry Denton.

Genre: Comedy and adventure

Characters: Terry, andy and jill

Terry and andy has now got a pet grooming salon a birthday where it’s a allways your birthday even when it’s not a room full of  exploding eyeballs and a lolly shop. There is even a quicksand pit in the 65 story treehouse and also a  time machine  where it makes babies.  

I would give this book a rating of  stars a 10 out of 10 because it is a very funny book to read.

I recommend this book for everyone that can read these sort of books.

Friday, 11 November 2016

Kiwi kids news and typing test T4W5

Kiwi kids news: This week for Kiwi kids news I got 90 out of 100. I think it is a good idea having kiwi kids news because it helps you learn more.

This week for typing test I got 70% accuracy. I think typing test is a good thing to do because it is good to learn how to type properly. 

Literacy Refection T4 W5

W.A.L.T: Infer and support with evidence

Literacy: This week we had to do this Jungle disaster activity. We had to pretend we were in a jungle and you were walking. Then you saw a muddy slide with quick sand at the end of the muddy slide. I found this a bit easy because you just had to answer the questions on my page. Here is my page that I have done.

Writing refection T4 W5

Writing:For the last two weeks in writing we have been focusing on myths and legends activities. There were 12 activities to do and I have completed 8 activities so I have only got four more to do until I have finished. I found the activities that I have done so far easy and hard. One of them you had to design a creature and give it a name. I could think of a creature to do. Also one other activity was you had to read a mythical story and retell it in your own words. Here is two of my favorite ones that I have done this week.

Friday, 4 November 2016

Literacy Refection T4W5

W.A.L.T : To infer with support and evidence
Literacy: This week in Literacy we have been focusing on myths and legends. We also had a follow up that was called Partly cloudy. For the Partly cloudy activity we had to watch a video and then we had to answer the question.
For the myths and legends we had to choose at least 1 or 2 activities to start for this week. I also made a slide to put all of my Myth and legends in.  I found some of the activities hard because I didn't understand them.

Here is a link to what I have done so far

Numeracy, Refection, T4W5,

W.A.L.T: Problem solving.
Numeracy: This week in Numeracy we had to work on our problem solving. We also had to  put a link to to a spread sheet with different ways to work the problems out. The ways were,
Addition, Multiplication, Patterns, Geometry, Symbols, Measurement, Stats, Probability. I did addition and patterns.  

I found some of the activities hard because you had to find an Addition, Multiplication, Patterns, Geometry, Symbols, Measurement, Stats and Probability problem to work out.

Friday, 21 October 2016

Literacy Refection T4W2

Literacy:This week we have been doing explanation. web had a topic and the topic was where is you favorite place to go and why. I chose nelson because every year me and my family lie to go there for a holiday. I found this a bit easy and hard. 

Numeracy Refection T4W2

Numeracy: For the last two weeks we have been focusing on Position and Orientation. We were in groups of this.We had to do heaps and heaps and heaps of activity's. I was with Heidi to do   the activity's. I found most of these activity's easy and hard because i didn't really get some of them. 


Friday, 14 October 2016

Word Work Refection T4W1

Word work: This week we had to choose a card that had word work activities on it that we could do using our spelling words. I  chose to do spelling shape, adding words,upper and lower, and rainbow words. I found most of these activities easy and some hard. Next time I am going to do more and challenge myself. Here is one of my ones that I did.

Numeracy Refection T4W1

Numeracy: This week in Numeracy we have been focusing on Position and Orientation. We had to do heaps of activities with our buddy. I was with Heidi. I found some of the activities hard and some easy. Here are the some that I have finished. My favorite one is the food one. We had to match the food into a grid.

Friday, 16 September 2016

Literacy Refection T3W8

Literacy:This week in literary we have been focusing  to summarize and sequence what we have read and to put the information we have learnt  in the right order. I found this a bit easy to do.  The most interesting fact I learnt was the tadpoles grow their back legs first then their front legs. 

Writing Refection T3 W8

Writing: This week in writing we had to find 10 facts about a place,  we had to add 2 links and we had to find 5 photos of the place that we chose. I chose the Eiffel Tower because it is really big and I like how it looks at night time when it is all lit up. I found this a bit hard because you had to find  heaps of information about the place. There is a lot of information about the Eiffel Tower and I had to read through lots of websites..   

News brodcast Leah and Jessica

Wednesday, 14 September 2016

Writing Refection T3 W7

This week in writing We have been doing a Explanation piece of writing First we had to do an Dictionary definition then a description then we had to do  paragraphs. I thought this was a bit hard because I got stuck. Next time i will find something easy a to do then a Toaster  maker.


Friday, 9 September 2016

Literacy Refection T3 W7

In literacy this week I have been learning to retell I what we have read and put the main points in the right order This week we had to retell the story could the cats whiskers. I thought it was a bit fun because it was quick an easy. 

Monday, 5 September 2016

Wild Things

Author/illustrator: Cynthia Maxwell and Stephen axelsen

Characters: Sam, dad, Carla,frog, mum

This book is about Carla and he has wild animals in her bathroom, and she want's dad to help her feed them. dad is a bit scared. He doesn't know what thay might do to hem!.

I would give this book a rating of    stars 6

I recommend this book for some people.

Friday, 2 September 2016

literacy Refection W6 T3

In literacy this week I have learning to Summaries and Sequence the story Too many mangoes. We used the five finger rule to retell what we have read. I thought it was fun because it helps me remember what the book is about. Next time I will remember to use the five fingers rule to help me what is first and last.

Numeracy Refection W6 T3

In  this week Numeracy we are learning to do fractions. We had to do a work book on our fractions. I thought this was a bit hard because you had to remember what we have been doing for the last 4 weeks. Next time I will practice my fractions at home so I am really fast at doing them. I chose these two because I could understand what I was doing. 


Tuesday, 30 August 2016

Marcus and the wind

Author/illustrator: Kyile parry and Donovan bixley

Characters: Marcus, Mitchell, Mum, Dad, Sister

This story is about a little boy called Marcus and he was good at anything. Then on they to school he had a big gust of wind that came to him. Then when he got to school he started to write W's on his school book. Then he put his hand up to ask the teacher a question.After that he got to make a castle a people were tacking photos of it. and then he went home and showed a photo to he family.

I would give this book a rating of  stars: 8

I recommend this book for everybody

Book Week 2016

Book Week 2

On Tuesday night Miss Costello had a PJ party in Nga Manawa  We had to where our PJ's to it . When we got there we had to write our name on a piece of paper and then put it into a bag after that we got to chose a bookmark to take home. Then we were so lucky because some of the teachers  read us books to everybody. It  was really cool and it was really cool. After each story's some of the adults and the children got to pick a name out of the bag and read the name out whoever s name got called got a book or something else my name didn't get called out some of my friends got a book . Then we went were aloud to go out side to play crazy tag if we wanted to. Me and Katelynn went outside and it was so much fun. Then it was time to go home and to go to bed.

Today we had book character day and I came dressed as Dorothy from the wizard of oz book.We had to go up as a class and we also had to read what we were dress up us I said I am Dorothy from wizard of oz . I was a bit scared at first but then I was fine. It was so awesome. I really liked seeing everybody dress up in cool costumes especially the Annie's Pyper and Maya. 

This week we had to do decorate our doors we did the BFG book and Charlie and the chocolate book. For the BFG we had to make heaps of  postian and the charlie and the chocolate had a olmpa loompa, lollie pops, candy canes and lots of other stuff. My favorite one out of them is charlie and the chocolate factory door.

On Thursday week had wacky Wednesday but we called it  wacky Thursday because we had it on Thursday not Wednesday. I had 2 cups in my hair one on each side. Katelynn had a coat hanger and Lara had balloons and candles in her hair. My Favorite  one was Katelynn's one because it was awesome.

Each day of the week there was a gold ticket hidden around the school. if you found it you will get a basket full of books and other cool stuff. Yesterday the gold ticket was on Mrs Costello back because it was wacky Thursday I lough when i saw some get it of her back i thought it was funny.