Friday, 8 April 2016

Camp Reflection

Hi i am Jessica and this is my reflection about camp.

This week Mamaku 2 went on camp to Fox Glacier. We went to the Kiwi Centre, the Tree Top Walk and Lake Mapourika. We also went on a 2 and a half walk up to the Glaciers and the Glow Worms Walk. 

On the Tree Top walk Brent piggybacked Felix through the tree top walk because he had a sore foot from walking. At the lake there was a jetty and I jumped of it with my friends it was so fun.

At the Glaciers we saw heaps of ice and snow on the top of the Glaciers there was not much of ice we learnt that the stones rub together under the ice. My legs got tired going half way up the Glaciers.  

My favorite part of the camp was going to the Kiwi Centre because we got to see two kiwis inside of it there was fiber glass inside of the inclosure. My favorite thing in the Kiwi Centre was seeing the kiwis. My other favorite thing was staying at the Top Ten because next to the Top Ten there was a school and it had a pool. We had a swim there on Tuesday before we did Geo Caching  with Jean and my group around Fox. We came first and we got a chocolate bar it was so much fun.

Then at night time we played spotlight at the School. Me and Kylee hid together because she she didn't have a touch. So we hid together  it was so much fun. Then we had pudding it was so yum. Then after that we came home and had a warm hot chocolate and then we went to bed i went to sleep i was so tired.

This is a photo of us jumping of the jetty

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