Friday, 3 June 2016

Week 5 Reflection

Literacy-This week we have been learning conjunctions here is a screencastify of me playing a conjunction game. Here is an example of a conjunction sentence. The girls saw another girl playing in their garden. My word is saw. W.a.l.t: is to use all the vowels in a word to help us decode. This is a another game using short vowel's  and long vowel's  

Numeracy : W.a.l.t: subtract using ten's and ones. This week I have  had an activity using money,we  had to work the problem out. Once we had completed that we had to make a stop motion with how we worked it out. This is what I did.

Writing: This week we had to carry on with our Charlotte's web Article so now I have completed it. And this is my final piece of  writing.  

Word Work: This week for Word work i did Spelling sentences with my spelling word's here is my spelling sentences. 

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