Friday, 1 July 2016

Week 9 Reflection

Prep:  For last two weeks we have been doing prep. We a have been really busy making our products in the ventures. The Advertising Agency have been busy making the videos of the ventures and taking photos of the class rooms making there  products  and putting them on the site. We have prep every year we also markets every year the  markets go on for two weeks. when we have prep we have we make stuff to sell for the markets.

Here is a link to the prep site

Speech: For this week we had to write down all the things that we would want to do our speech.  then we had to chose one and write some main pints about your speech  on here is a photo of my one.

Top pooch: For this week we had top pooch to do in a group.  our  hole group had to think of an animal that you would have as your pet at home we chose a cat. Then we had to make a  google sheet we had to find out the cost of you pet and what we would need for it and write it down on a google drawing. Here is my google drawing and down below is my groups top pooch.

Top Pooch

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  1. Ata marie Jessica. I like how you said what your animal is. But why did you choose a cat? I remember when I did my Top pooch, my animal was a cockatiel.


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