Friday, 5 August 2016

Week 2 Term 3 Reflection

Olympics- This week in Mamaku 2&3 we have been really busy doing some Olympics profile. We had to do it in a  google drawing and we also had to use text boxes to write the information in to it .We also had  to research  people that that are going to the Olympics and do a profile on them, here all of my ones that I did this week and last week. 

Numeracy- We also have been doing some fractions. My group had to do this really cool fraction thing we had to draw 1/2 1/3 1/4 1/5 and then we had to cut it out and stick it into our maths book I really like doing it.And we also had to do a screencastafly  us playing a fraction game. I really found it a little bit easy and a little bit hard.

Speech-last week i did my speech but I forgot to put it on to blog. I did my speech on swimming I was really scared but I did it because miss panther embarrass me by butting my swimming cup on me so I done it . 

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