Friday, 21 October 2016

Literacy Refection T4W2

Literacy:This week we have been doing explanation. web had a topic and the topic was where is you favorite place to go and why. I chose nelson because every year me and my family lie to go there for a holiday. I found this a bit easy and hard. 

Numeracy Refection T4W2

Numeracy: For the last two weeks we have been focusing on Position and Orientation. We were in groups of this.We had to do heaps and heaps and heaps of activity's. I was with Heidi to do   the activity's. I found most of these activity's easy and hard because i didn't really get some of them. 


Friday, 14 October 2016

Word Work Refection T4W1

Word work: This week we had to choose a card that had word work activities on it that we could do using our spelling words. I  chose to do spelling shape, adding words,upper and lower, and rainbow words. I found most of these activities easy and some hard. Next time I am going to do more and challenge myself. Here is one of my ones that I did.

Numeracy Refection T4W1

Numeracy: This week in Numeracy we have been focusing on Position and Orientation. We had to do heaps of activities with our buddy. I was with Heidi. I found some of the activities hard and some easy. Here are the some that I have finished. My favorite one is the food one. We had to match the food into a grid.