Friday, 18 November 2016

Literacy and Word Work Refection T4W6

Literacy: For the last 3 or 2 weeks  we have been learning to  infer. This week for two of our activities we had to do a slide base around inferring. Another activity was based on why is there 7 days in a week. On one of my activities we had to infer the pictures on the slide and my second one that we had to do was we had to answer this question why is there 7 days in a week. Here is my follow up that I have completed. I found  most of the activities hard and easy because the Explanation burger activity I didn't really understand it.

Word work: This week for Word work I did three times. For this activity I had to write my spelling words once and and then write it down in a crayon   and then  write it down in a pen. I found this activity easy because it was a simple activity.

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