Friday, 16 December 2016

End Of Term Refection

Thank your to everybody that has commented on my blog this year, they have been really good. Here is one of my favorite activities that I am proud of. One of the Christmas activities we got to choose was the Christmas Recipe. We were allowed to do it in pairs. I chose to do it with Katelynn. We chose to make Snowball Truffles. I found this Christmas Recipe activity a bit hard because you had to find a recipe that was easy to know. See you in 2017.

Friday, 2 December 2016

Bones Reflection T4W8

Kiwi kids news: I thought this week kiwi kids news quiz was really fun. And i also think kiwi kids news is a really good quiz.

Typing Test: this week i thought i was quicker than last week. I think this is an good idear to do typing test. 

Numeracy Reflection T4W8

Numeracy: This for Numeracy we got to do some more Christmas activity. We got to choose out of  4 activity to do. We got to do them in buddy's I was with Katelynn F. We did 2 activity's but we only finished 1 activity that activity was the Christmas Calcograms we had some equations to figure out. I found this activity a bit hard because you had to find out what the word said upside down on the calculator.

Literacy Refection T4W8

Literacy: This week for literacy we got to do  free choice writing. I chose to write about going to nelson every year because it is my favorite place to go. I Thought this was an good idea to do free choice writing thought literacy because  you get to write about anything you want. I found this easy because I knew what I was writing about.

Every year in January Me, Mum, Grandma,Granddad and sometimes My  Aunty Jenny, Uncle Graeme, Aimee and Bridie which is my family. We go to Nelson and stay at the tahuna motor camp area where there is a bouncy pillow down the hill and there is a mini golf track where you can play mini golf with your family. We go there every year as an holiday with aur family.

It is really fun when we go to nelson. When we go to nelson we always have to go shopping.Sometimes when it is a hot day we love to go to the beach in Kaiteriteri and also the beach near the bumper boats and the big blue slide. When we go to the beach mr whippey is also near the beach is nelson. There are heaps of things you can do like:  Going swimming, bumper boats, hydroslides  going shopping the big blue slides  and going the the beach to swim.